OVI annually recognizes outstanding new and long-standing projects from member support groups throughout North America.  Endeavors in which volunteers have been intimately involved in the conception and implementation of a project, and which are designed to educate, build audience, support the many facets of a company’s work need to be applauded and shared. So too are programs to train volunteers for work with the company and in the community and to attract new members to their support groups.

Applications for a Project of Special Merit Award need to be submitted by February 1 of each year. Click here to download a pdf of the application materials.

2020 Project of Special Merit

Opera Guild Portal

       The goal of this project was to create a more effective and efficient way to communicate information among all of the board of directors as well as to provide a repository for important documents.

       This directors’ portal was created by the Guild VP of Development.  As VP of Development, she found she was always needing to contact the Guild office to get information necessary for her to do her job and she found it to be inefficient.  As an employee of a tech company she was accustomed to sharing information across teams through Google Docs and she was interested in providing the same platform for the Guild board.  Her goal was to provide a repository of information and documents available and accessible to directors and committees whenever needed them without relying on staff.  She designed and created the directors’ portal to organize information, calendars, agendas, locations of meetings, notes, events, reminders, deadlines, voting, etc. 

       The site is password-protected with access to editing only by authorized committee chairs, and achieves the following goals:

  • Makes the board more efficient
  • Creates a centralized place for directors to get all the information they need to be informed and engaged
  • Creates a global calendar of meetings/events, and pages for each council committee

The creation of the portal was done by one person and the documents were populated by the Executive Committee of 15 people and office staff.  Initial creation took about a week, but the uploading of documents took a couple of months longer.   Keeping the portal current requires continuous updates.

San Francisco Opera Guild


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