Map US & Canada rev 3-2012

The Opera Volunteer Regions are listed on the map above. The Directors for each region are listed below.  Your Regional Director is the go-to person for support, education, resources and ideas to help you navigate and enhance your opera volunteer experience. Your Regional Director will connect you to experienced opera volunteers and opera support groups within your region and the entire OVI family. Your Regional Director will help you tap into OVIs network for Projects of Merit, grant opportunities, events, volunteer awards and more.

  • Great Lakes:  Sarajane King
  • Gulf:   Jo Pennington
  • North Central:   Julie Benson
  • South Central:   Wilma Wilcox
  • Northeast:   Anastasia Johnson
  • Southeast:   Laurie Knudsen
  • Northwest:   Gayle Charlesworth
  • Southwest:   Judy Vander Heide

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