Website and E-mail Marketing Teleseminar

by Barb E on April 18, 2011

OVI presents an important teleseminar on

Increasing Your Opera Support Group’s Internet Presence: Website and E-Mail Marketing

Digital communications professional and OVI Board Member David Yuen will discuss how -and why – an opera group should build its internet presence.
David will explain what your website can do for your opera support group, how to attract and hold the visitor’s attention, what sort of information might be included. Ogden Opera Guild volunteers will highlight their experiences in building their website.
Learn how coordinated e-mail campaigns can be an important part of your membership, volunteer recruitment and marketing plans.
The teleseminar is moderated by OVI Resources Director, Rose Betty Williams.

This call is open to everyone and all callers are welcome to ask questions or add comments to the discussion by pressing  5* (the number 5 followed by star) on your keypad to “raise your hand.”

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