Recorded July 12, 2011

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Kevin Seely

Guest Expert: Kevin Seely, Splash Media, LP, Regional Support Manager

With over a decade of international travel and hundreds of passport stamps, Kevin Seely has traveled the globe promoting stock, options and currency products. With a strong background in business development and operations, he has helped build, establish, and expand international relationships in nearly 15 countries, including the Asia Pacific rim, the UK, and the Middle East.

His entrepreneurial personality is the key to his successful businesses, which range from a sports supplement firm in Northern California to an ad agency in Orlando, Fla. In his most recent role he managed operations for a subsidiary of optionsXpress, which included developing new products and global sales.

Previously, he managed international operations for Dynetech Corporation in Sydney, Australia. He is excited to see the realm of social media take flight and to help businesses across the globe take their earning potential to the next level.

Kevin attended Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania for International Business and Broadcast Journalism and loves the fast pace of the media world.

Rose Betty Williams from Austin Opera Guild is the interviewer.

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