OVI has published a number of booklets tailored to the needs of opera volunteers. Some of the publications are also available in booklet form; contact OVI’s Communications Chairman to inquire about availability.

Recruiting and Training the New Generation of Opera Volunteers

  • This honest and thorough look at the challenges and rewards of managing your volunteer opera support group is written by long time volunteer advocate and activist, Don Dagenais. Don’s understanding of volunteering for opera stems from a broad base of experience ranging from serving as president of the Lyric Opera of Kansas City to giving preview lectures.

How to Form an Opera Guild

  • In this comprehensive booklet on the subject, you’ll learn why, when and how to formalize a volunteer opera support group. The booklet’s author is Don Dagenais, a longtime opera activist who has written about and consulted on opera volunteer matters. He has served as president of OVI and Lyric Opera of Kansas City and its guild.

An Opera Boutique

  • Written by Patte Comstock, whose experience in retailing has helped make Houston Opera’s  boutique an important revenue source for the Guild, the booklet is packed with practical advice. Patte shares her expertise in this series of articles that can help improve the look – and the bottom line – of your volunteer-run shop.

Good Ideas Development Projects

  • A collection of projects from groups supporting companies large and small.

Good Ideas Education Projects

Miriam Miller, passionate advocate for opera for young people in Northern Virginia.   OVI’s collection of award-winning, volunteer-led projects to educate and stimulate have been assembled to inspire future education efforts.

About Opera Volunteers International

A two-sided, trifold brochure that briefly describes the goals and activities of the organization.