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Knoxville Focus Meeting in October 2016

Reception host Caesar Stair and President Rhonda Sweeney

Media consultant Gregg Maciolek giving an overview of social media

Museum of Appalachia







Communications Chair Sarah Duvall and newsletter editor Rick Greenman

Bluegrass and barbeque at the Museum of Appalachia

Great Lakes Director Sarajane King and Richard King



Opera Conference 2016 in Montreal

2014 Partners in Excellence


Austin Focus Meeting November 2013

Opera director and his wife

Austin Lyric General Director Joe Spector
and Kate Spector

Austin Meeting Chair Rose Betty Williams and Alan Williams

Austin Meeting Chair Rose Betty Williams
and Alan Williams

At the UT Alumni Center

JoAnne Christian, Brian Kushner, Donna and Richard Falvo, Stacey Johnson

Before the Opera

Barb Eckel, Rhonda Sweeney, Mary Svela, Mary Earl

Duclouxs at the UT Alum Center

Claude and Susan Ducloux

ALO Guild dinner at UT

Guild members Emory and Mary Clark, John and Suzanne Shore, Kay and Rusty Allman

ALO Guild members

Madeline Nash and Paula Kathmann

The Bownes

Stuart and Rebecca Bowne

The Godwins

Robert and Michelle Godwin

Mary Svela

OVI Board Member Mary Svela at ALO Guild Reception

Photo credit: Robert Godwin