Opera Volunteers: Diversity in Denver

by Fern on July 15, 2007

OVI Conference in Denver

Fern Grauer headshotAs I pack my briefcase, my suitcase and my mind in anticipation of leaving for Denver/Central City and our Conference 2007, I’m excited about the prospect of meeting, greeting and talking to opera enthusiasts who are so interesting and diverse. Our membership represents 32 states (from one coast to the other, from Alaska down to our southern tips), our Canadian neighbors and across to Australia. The capacities of our opera houses range from 300 to 3500 seats; the number of performances our companies present varies from 2 to 40 each year. The dates of our “seasons” cover the calendar. The number of volunteers in our support group organizations vary from 24 to 2000 members; the hours they contribute total all the way from 3,000 to 8,000 a year!

Yet in spite of this diversity, what we have in common is important too: we are all arts, music, opera lovers. We reach out to educate and encourage opera in our communities; we are staunch supporters of our respective companies and we generously give our time and talent and dollars.

Enjoying and interacting with them is going to make a wonderful weekend!

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