Twin Cities Opera Guild

Twin Cities Opera Guild
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 The Twin Cities Opera Guild, Inc., an independent non-profit organization, is dedicated to opera education and outreach, both in the schools and for the general public, in the seven-county metropolitan area and throughout the State of Minnesota.

The Opera Guild helps finance delightful musical productions staged by students who work on their own sets and costumes and perform as members of the orchestra and cast. We sponsor special student matinees at operas produced by the Minnesota Opera and other local performing groups. Professional singers and musicians visit schools for interactive programs with students. During the calendar year 2017, over 29,000students participated in Twin Cites Opera Guild education programs.

In addition to our school programs, the Opera Guild awards annual scholarships to young singers through the Metropolitan Opera National Auditions program and other established programs for young singers.

The Twin Cites Opera Guild is a national pioneer in opera education for children, introducing students to opera and quality music.  Limited opportunities of this in today’s school systems create ever-increasing demand for our resources.

July Berge is the guild president.

Opera Guild Phone Number: 651-227-2409
Opera Guild Address: 1043 Grand Ave., #189
St. Paul, MN
ZIP Code: 55105