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San Francisco Opera Guild
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San Francisco Opera Guild believes that the life lessons drawn from creative expression are the foundation of confidence and integrity.  Celebrating 75 years of offering enthralling, award winning K-12 education programs and engaging community outreach programs, our mission is to give voice to potential, extending the impact of opera and bringing it center stage into the life of the community.

With the help of our donors and sponsors, we create programs that nurture the expressive nature in students, inspiring them to make positive choices and helping them grow to become conscientious, sensitive and culturally aware adults.  Through our fundraising and San Francisco Opera Guild’s education fund, “A Gift for All Seasons,” more than 50,000 students in nearly 200 schools throughout Northern California find their voices each year, benefiting from the power of arts education as only opera can deliver.
San Francisco Opera Guild’s five Chapters reach thousands of people annually—through lectures, events and news—and encourage an appreciation of the art form, ensuring the ongoing relevance of and interest in opera.

Susan Malott is the managing director.

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Opera Guild Phone Number: (415) 565-3204
Opera Guild Address: 301 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA
ZIP Code: 94102-4509