Opera Booming in the U.S.

by RJSweeney on September 5, 2007

According to Jonathan Leaf in THE AMERICAN – A Magazine of Ideas, the United States now has more opera companies than Germany or Italy, and as many Americans attend opera performances as they do NFL games. This huge surge in popularity for the art form which we in Opera Volunteers International (OVI) also love makes us hopeful for the future of opera – more companies, more performances, with more people attending.

Each of us has a favorite story about how we first became interested in opera. As our enthusiasm grows for opera, we often bring newcomers with us to hear their very first opera, and one day perhaps, to share our passion. As our passion grows, we want to become even closer to all aspects of supporting our local opera companies, from fund raising, to educational outreach in schools and our communities, to hosting visiting artists.

This is where Opera Volunteers International comes in! OVI is an organization of passionate opera lovers who also love supporting their local companies through passionate volunteering. We are comprised of individual volunteers, opera support groups, and opera company volunteer coordinators eager to share with each other our success stories for projects that have benefited our local companies. We reach out to our OVI colleagues when we travel to one another’s cities. We enjoy the camraderie at our periodic conferences or focus meetings around North America. We enjoy networking with others, whether seasoned opera veterans or newly establishing volunteer support groups to pass along our experience, ideas, wisdom, and expertise.

With opera booming, opera volunteerism needs to similarly be on the rise. OVI can help you, whether you are trying to start a support group for a newly formed opera company or looking to try a different approach for development or community involvement. Our regional structure will put you in contact with others in your area who are already active in our organization, yet you’ll also have access to experts from across North America. We have publications and resources which will help you identify new and successful ways to support your local company, or as a support group, ways to recruit and recognize your volunteers.

Now is the time to join or renew your membership in Opera Volunteers International. We have just completed a successful conference in Denver in July and are looking forward to implementing many of the ideas generated there. We want you to be part of our exciting future and to experience the thrill of meeting other passionate opera lovers and volunteers just like yourself.

Joining is easy! Just click on the Membership tab above and print and mail the appropriate membership form. We’ll take it from there and you’ll soon be receiving quarterly newsletters, our annual membership directory and periodic alerts from our interactive website.

Be OperaActive!

Rhonda Sweeney, Membership Vice President

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