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The OVI Resources teleseminar on how your opera support group can establish – and enhance – its internet presence is now available for immediate listening by clicking here: OVI Teleseminar on establishing your internet presence.

Digital media specialist David Yuen offers advice on the most effective use of websites and e-mail. Resource Director Rose Betty Williams moderates.



  1. Rhonda Sweeney asked what was the difference between the April teleseminar about establishing and increasing an opera support group’s internet presence and the June teleseminar about building a website.

    They are very different but complementary. Listen to them. Each one is approximately one hour long.
    The April teleseminar addressed “why have a website”. We discussed content, location of content on web page, writing styles, the amount of time available to capture a visitor’s attention, and Google Analytics to measure effectiveness of website content. Regarding e-mail, we talked more specifically about MailChimp, compared and contrasted it with other sites and again focused on writing style – clear, precise, bulleted info with fonts and size that statistically have proven most effective.
    The June 6 teleseminar was a “how to build a website” – domain name, hosting, software, g-mail apps and some about e-mail marketing.
    The teleseminars were presented in this order b/c why build a website if you’re not going to use it.
    We felt reviewing the benefits of having a website – membership recruitment, calendar, event invitations, newsletters, newsletter archives, volunteer opportunities, contacts, names of board members, wish lists, notes and news from the president or chairs, photo galleries – would help and inspire OVI teleseminar listeners to create appealing and useful content.
    Then, if inspired to write such content, they’d need to have a website on which to post the info.
    David Yuen is a wizard when it comes to anything digital. His recommendations and insights come from his experience as an e-commerce and internet marketing specialist. They are his recommendations, not OVI’s. OVI welcomes input from all OVI members and teleseminar listeners about what works, what doesn’t and why. We learn from each other. OVI also encourages recommendations for teleseminar speakers and topics to discuss. Please submit topics and/ or possible speakers by adding your comment here or by e-mailing resources@operavolunteers.org.

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