Website and Social Media Enhancement

The intent of the project is to intensify our focus to make information available through internet applications by using the latest technology available and teaching members how to use it. . This will educate our audience, especially the younger population about our mission, events, membership donations and our education program. One short term goal is to make online payments easier to track and use, enable contestants for the Guild’s Vocal Competition to apply online, provide members only area with password protection, create a more appealing presentation, deepen our understanding of analytics for more targeted messages, learn proper method of archiving aged material and to grow our membership.


Costume Inventory Project

After 66 years in operation, we have accumulated upwards of 5,000 costumes but a complete inventory has never been done. We plan to document our costume inventory using software from Costume and Theater Inventory Resources and will need to acquire labels and other supplies. Six volunteers have agreed to spearhead this project. with paid younger workers to help with heavy lifting, etc. Every costume item will be assigned a number, photographed and a label will be applied and entered in the database. A volunteer will then add key points into the database.   Volunteers will be trained in the protocol.

Incoming costume designers will now know what needs to be built or what can be reused. With a database that illustrates what we have in stock, this process can be streamlined and costs could be better controlled. In addition, it may enable us to offer costumes for rental.


Opera Fast Pass

This program will sponsor music students at two college or universities in our community: special consideration will be given to classical voice majors at schools with diverse populations and high financial need. The program will provide tickets to two Nashville Opera performances during the 2017/2018 season and informative and interactive programs taught by our Director of Education with support and personal testimonies by members of the Nashville Opera Guild along with backstage tours given by volunteers. Excellent connections have already been made with schools such as Tennessee State University and Middle Tennessee State University. Most of these students cannot afford to see an opera. Students involved in this program will attend classes that will provide pertinent information on the productions they will attend. Approximately 150 volunteers will be available for this program.


Mini Opera at Weber State University

The objective of the Ogden Opera Guild is to support the growth and expansion of the Utah Opera through education, volunteer activities and financial support. Bringing Utah Opera Resident Artists to Ogden perform in The Elixir of Love at Weber State fills this mission. It is the only professional opera in the Ogden area and is free to the public. We provide the opportunity for Weber State theater and vocal students to interact with young opera professionals in a Q & A session.


The Ultimate Volunteer Challenge

Description: We plan to expand our 2017 Fall Artist in Residence Program by one week allowing Guild members to focus on Volunteer community engagement. We plan to immerse our volunteers in the inner workings of the Artist in Residence Program which would ultimately serve as training, development and recruitment for our Guild while helping achieve our mission. By allowing our volunteers to have greater involvement in our Education and Outreach programs, they are more likely to become stake holders through their personal interactions with our Artists in Residence. In addition to administrative duties, advertising and attending opera performances, our volunteers will be asked to plan and execute two special events. This will engage 80 volunteers.

Opera Maine (formerly PORTopera)

The Impresarios

The Impresarios are a group of (21-40 something) opera enthusiasts looking for unique and fun experiences. Although the group focuses on recruiting a younger demographic, it is with the spirit of inclusivity that all are welcome that they seek to instill enthusiasm and introduce opera to new audiences with a lot of fun along the way. There is no membership fee. Meetings were held over the last seven months to focus on addressing the needs and mission of this new group. The group plans to recruit new members, plan and promote events, distribute materials, offer volunteer opportunities and collect new member information to grow support for the opera company.


Seattle Opera Guild Webpage Redesign

Description: Our webpage needs a complete overhaul to render it user friendly, provide the ability to connect mobile devices, and present a visual appearance more complementary to that of Seattle Opera to which it is linked. Created by the Guild in 2013, it contains much that is redundant and technically outdated. It is difficult to read and hard to navigate and is not mobile friendly. The project is designed to eliminate these problems, while giving a more professional appearance in keeping with the Guild’s new branding.


This project will work to bring twenty-somethings to opera: to volunteer, to experience the art form as patrons and become Board and Guild members. We will host after hour receptions and a flash mob will surprise attendees. Local young artists will sing. After the flash mobs, information about our opera company will be distributed. Guild members and chorus members will be on hand to answer questions. We will spread the word about these events in magazine, newspaper ads, emails and social media.


Opera for Children

The Guild is partnering with Pinellas County Schools to develop Opera for Children (Pinocchio) in seven elementary and three middle schools that have been identified as being some of the worst in the state of Florida.  At the prep sessions, Guild volunteers will distribute information and encourage teachers to teach the chorus to students before the opera. About 600 third grade students will attend. The critical part of the program is participation. The Guild will provide ushers and greeters. The middle school program will be a comedy and suitable for children. At performances, volunteers will sing along with the children. Volunteers prepare the prep pamphlet and will be involved with a survey and get back to the company with suggestions. Training for volunteers will be an ongoing project. Ten schools will initially be involved with plans for expansion.

The assistance of volunteers is vital to this program as the opera company staff is small. The school system has secured a federal grant to retain music teachers. Our participation in this program can only be positive. Music is linked to development of good citizenship, creative thinking, ability to focus and self- discipline.


Creating a Young Artist Ambassador Program (YAP) with Twin Cities Opera Guild Volunteers

We are partnering with Fargo-Moorhead Opera to bring their Young Artists to our area to perform in schools in April 2017. This program was launched in 2016 and included 19 performances in 11 different schools reaching 2,400 students. We want to create a network of TCOG volunteers where each will take a school and act as an ambassador for the Young Artists Program. We plan to establish policies for the performances in schools and print a book to document. We plan to create a volunteer training program, marketing materials and a plan to enhance website capabilities to communicate better with schools.



Guild Marketing Collateral and Communications

The Guild plans to create a brochure about the activities of the Guild including social events, education, fundraising and volunteer opportunities. Other collateral needs include signage for the Guild’s Boutique, which will be usable over the next several seasons. This is the 30th Anniversary of the company, which makes it the perfect time to reenergize the Guild’s image and drive new members to join.

In addition to collateral, funds will be used to help maintain and train volunteers to use shared communications and membership technology, including Dropbox and Austin Opera’s new patron database, Tessitura. Five to ten volunteers will be involved directly in the implementation of this project and will work closely with the company.


Deeping Volunteer Engagement

Interim volunteers perform nearly all of our critical operating functions including marketing and media relations, social media, fundraising, front of house management. This year, we intend to deepen volunteer engagement by inviting volunteers to an exclusive rehearsal for our production of A LITTLE TOO COZY in May 2016. This special rehearsal will provide an “insider” understanding of how a production is put together and how the work that each volunteer does contributes to the production. Our volunteers will be better equipped to communicate our mission and differentiation from commercial opera


The Show Must Go On, Connecting the Cincinnati Opera Guild to the Community

The Cincinnati Opera Guild seeks to recruit and train new volunteers and build the relationship with the community during the two years of renovation of the Cincinnati Opera home. During the renovation, we will be responsible for finding and renting alternative meeting spaces. In order to continue the work and recruit volunteers during this time, the Guild needs to update its brochures, directory and handbook. This project initiative seeks to support CO through its transition by maintaining and building its active Guild


Erwin H. Johnson Memorial Fund – Programming 2016

For 27 years we have performed three concerts that have supported young artists, established talents and classical music with a fourth concert in 2012. In addition, this year we are promoting presentations of our SINGING IT FORWARD initiative, a program specifically written for elementary, middle and high school students to explore opera and classical music in the world around them, and perhaps inspire them to pursue this art form themselves.

Our Board of Directors of six volunteers and volunteer consultants meet four to six times each year to oversee planning of each event. We have an established Concert Committee that plans concerts. Directors and Committee members are all volunteers for these concerts.

The grant enhances our ability to offer our audience a diverse series of programs that would bolster attendance.


Eugene Onegin Project

The Muskoka Opera Festival Committee of volunteers has successfully organized the Festival since 2010 to support our mission of developing an annual summer program. Five key members establish a program. They are assisted in the implementation of the Festival by twenty other volunteers. To accomplish our goal this year we are running a program to train our volunteers in the production of an opera. Eugene Onegin will be presented on August 23, 2016. The trainee producer, one of our graduates, will be Daevyd Pepper. He will prepare the production in Russian, which requires many hours of coaching for the young singers. He is running a training program for singers that he is recruiting from the University of Toronto. There will be eight singers, a Russian coach and a Director.

The project is planned for the opening night of the Festival. This is the seventh year of the Festival. The Mission of the Committee is to develop a broad summer program for all the arts, where eventually students will receive accreditation for their studies. With this project, we feel we are taking the next step in enabling our volunteers to support graduates of our initial six-year Vocal Festival. They will have an opportunity to learn with our graduates, more about producing an opera. The grant supports production and public relations expenses.

OperaNOVA (Virginia)


Opera NOVA, a leader in the field of family operas, will present a condensed version of Treemonisha. Scott Joplin’s opera takes place on an abandoned plantation in 1884 in Arkansas. Treemonisha is found abandoned by former slaves. She later questions her leadership abilities due to her young age, but the community supports and encourages her to lead them.

Before the performance teachers will prepare the students for the opera. The narrator will introduce the conductor and eight members of the orchestra. Each one will explain their role in the performance. Afterwards there will be a Q&A session.

Opera Nova will condense and perform the opera for over 3,000 school children as well as the Arlington community. It is our hope to convert this long-ignored opera by an African American into a frequently performed classic, spreading its message of education and reconciliation in operatic format. Twenty five volunteers will assist in many ways for the production. The grant will support production and education costs.

PORTopera (Maine)

Opera in ME Audience Development Program

To build awareness of PORTopera in the region and to increase attendance and support for the summer festival productions, eleven special events will be offered from May to July 2016. The events will be at selected locations such as Rotary Club, Baseball Park, library, brewery, art gallery, waterfront, farmers’ market and summer theaters.

Volunteer staffers will distribute materials and information to promote attendance at the mainstage and young artist productions in July, will offer volunteer opportunities.and will collect email addresses and demographic information for follow up. Twenty two Volunteer Ambassadors will be recruited from current supporters, local universities and events, social media. The grant will defray the cost of promotional and training materials to increase PORTopera’s visibility and support within the community and with seasonal visitors and build audiences for our summer festival


Mary Jacobs Smith Singer of the Year Competition

Shreveport’s only national singing competition is held each spring and attracts ingers come from all over the country to compete for the title of Singer of the Year. With that title, an opera singer can increase the chance of being cast in the top opera houses in the world.

The grant will help with expenses for the judges and accompanist. Many contestants, whether or not they advance to compete in the final round, are hired by one or more of the judges for upcoming productions. Volunteer Guild members are available to educate, encourage and promote volunteer opportunities with the company and the guild.


Marriage of Figaro Educational Outreach and Production

In a unique collaborative project, we are partnering with Angels & Demons Entertainment to present a site specific production. In addition we will offer students an opportunity to learn about and see this production in dress rehearsal. There will be two dress rehearsals available to 70 student attendees and four shows. Volunteers will attend educational sessions and help guide students. Thirty more volunteers will sell tickets and coordinate activities when the project rolls out in July. A central component of this show is to stage the production in a turn of the century historical mansion where the action moves throughout the house, scene by scene. This program will be the first in many years where volunteers are directly coordinating all the education components with help from “Sprockets” staff. Our mission is to support high quality opera and music education for school children and the general public.


Don Giovanni-Dracula

In celebration of our 10th anniversary, we will boldly present a twist on Don Giovanni, featuring a newly adapted libretto that will connect the character of Don Giovanni to Dracula. This new production will feature from 85 to 100 volunteer artists, including principal artists, covers, chorus, orchestra and others. One hundred percent of performing artists are volunteers and 98% are local performers. This production will introduce new artistic elements to our organization in several ways. A team of volunteers has been working to adapt the English public domain libretto to integrate Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” story. To highlight the production concept, projections will be used for the first time in Undercroft Opera’s history, along with sophisticated lighting techniques to depict an 1890’s Victorian setting.

The new libretto is in English, in order to cater to our audiences, particularly those who are new to opera. Also, the Dracula theme will bring freshness to the traditional opera and perhaps encourage new audiences while offering new ways for interested volunteers to participate in opera by literally helping to rewrite it. Tickets will be heavily discounted for students and children. Outreach concerts are scheduled for local retirement homes and a community park opening ceremony. Tickets will be made available to students at the Neighborhood Academy, a college preparatory high school for students whose families demonstrate financial need. The grant will support production costs.

January Awards


Launch of Children’s opera “BILLY GOATS GRUFF”

We perform a robust schedule of opera performances for children. We are looking for new ways to engage new volunteers to help drive the success of this program.

Volunteers will take an active part in participating and supporting by helping to fundraise, attend, and man the house when these performances take place. We believe that opera for children is a critical component of the development of future opera audiences and patrons, as well as serving as the first exposure to opera for future performers.

This show is very timely as the show is a story about bullying. It is aligned with our goal and mission providing educational performances and will give local talent an opportunity. This grant will enable us to mount the show sooner and also will give us the opportunity to offer free or discounted performances to under-served school districts with lesser funding levels for the arts.


Guild Marketing Communication

Guild membership has steadily declined over past four years. We are seeking funds to help with major marketing and communications efforts to retain and attract members to the Guild which will result in greater financial support for the company. Project will include development of a brochure and literature for education presentations, social events, our boutique and other venues to reach new people. We intend to build our social media presence with a website and other sites.

Our plan is to roll out the new marketing/communications plan in the second quarter of 2016. We will work closely with the opera company.


Bolstering the Volunteer Ambassador Program by Reinvesting

SDO will have a Volunteer Corner at the Copley Symphony Hall and the San Diego Civic Theatre where performances will be held. Other methods of recruitment include connecting with low income students and families in the community. These recruitment events will be during the final performances of SDO’s school programs at Hoover High and Memorial Preparatory. We will collect information for prospective volunteers thru a raffle to win tickets to see an opera. Background checks will be conducted for all volunteers who have direct contact with donors, artist, staff and all children participating in school programs. Then a training session will be held on May 16, 2016.

SDO will implement a mission-driven strategy by managing volunteers within three different types of volunteerism by level of commitment: Term, Task, and Micro. A point system will be implemented for volunteers and will provide incentives for volunteer engagement to show appreciation.

The purpose of this project is to bolster and reinvent the current Ambassador Program. On March 19, 2014, the SDO Board of Directors voted to close the company due to economic pressures. Following a change in leadership, there was an outpouring of support from the community. The current Board has worked to create a new model. Part of this model is reinvestment in developing a meaningful connection with all communities of San Diego. The SDO will work to ensure that its volunteers reflect the incredible diversity of the region.


Opera Omaha Guild

Opera Omaha’s Educational Outreach

The Educational Committee’s program presents interactive and informative after-school overviews of an opera production. At the end of the program, the children were asked to participate in a reenactment of the opera. We knew they were hooked when they wanted to know more and committed to attending a dress rehearsal.  The program that lets children in grades 1-12 come away with a new sense of the “bigness” of the art form.

We would like to grow this program and the grant money will be used to offer tickets to the children and their immediate family members and help defray the cost of printing materials and costumes for the presentation, and to produce a video for the children to keep.

Undercroft Opera Company (Pittsburgh)

“Everybody DESERVES an ‘Operatunity” – Madame Butterfly

The mission of Undercroft Opera Company of Pittsburgh is to provide opportunities for volunteer artists from high school students, college students, graduate students and young and emerging artists who are beginning professional operatic careers.  We perform in many assisted living communities and this year, we are highlighting several other underserved groups, including students at the Pittsburgh School for the Blind, the Boys and Girls Club and the Neighborhood Academy, a school whose families demonstrate financial need.

In preparation for the opera, each principal singer receives an individualized, free vocal coaching. They also meet in groups with the conductor to work on larger scenes. The chorus works with the Chorus Master and they are all volunteers. Volunteers are used in all stages of productions and in marketing.   This grant will be used to hire an excellent qualified vocal coach and rehearsal accompanist.

Seattle Opera Guild 

New Membership and Marketing Materials

The purpose of these materials is to support Guild efforts to recruit new members and better communicate with Seattle Opera and other arts audiences about the benefit of Guild membership. Increased membership is beneficial to the Guild’s fund raising program, and it will widen the pool of potential volunteers for involvement in Guild programs and leadership. All Guild members will be provided with new marketing materials, and Guild volunteers who sell raffle tickets (one of the Guild’s major fund raising activities) will be oriented to the new materials to help distribute them during opera performances. We also plan to coordinate our efforts with Seattle Opera to assist in new member recruitment.

Peach State Opera (Lawrenceville, Georgia)

Opera Impact: Engaging students in Participatory Learning

For its 2015/2016 production of Don Giovanni, Peach State Opera of Lawrenceville, Georgia intends to expand a pilot program to involve local area high school and college students as chorus members in its main stage productions. This will include up to three high school or college choruses. All Peach State board members will be involved as volunteers for this program. Each school will have volunteer assistants. They will serve as rehearsal assistants.  This project increases the impact of this opportunity as the students will not only hear and see opera, but will fully participate in a professional opera in a very hands-on-fashion. Around 65 students are expected to participate. The goals of the project are to raise awareness of opera and potential opera career opportunities as well as to introduce the art form to the students and parents.  The grant will be used to for pianist, director, photography, and marketing.

 Skagit Opera Guild (Washington)

Young Guild Member Development

The matching grant will help in instituting an outreach program for young students to attend our opera performances with incentives provided to introduce them to backstage workings including technical duties alongside responsibilities of security and front house activities.  Provide backstage tours to introduce them to theater protocol such as costuming, makeup and wig making.  They will be trained in greeting patrons, sign up volunteers and gather information. A special brochure targeted at young members of the audience and to the schools to stimulate their desire to attend more opera with their friends.  We plan to continue funding for students with an offer of inexpensive tickets.  The new brochure will be titled SKAGIT OPERA WANTS YOU. We plan to market and distribute material such as posters, flyers and brochures. We hope these young volunteers will assist in fundraising events. We plan to also introduce children to opera at local libraries.We also plan to sponsor a young intern who is interested in a conducting career

Ogden Opera Guild

Students to Dress Rehearsal of a One Hour Opera by Resident Artists at Utah Opera

We plan to send 120 students and 14 chaperones to the dress rehearsal of Cosi Fan Tutte in March 2015.  Twenty students from the Youth Impact program which serves disadvantaged youth from local schools will attend. Fifty students from Ogden City High School and fifty from Weber, Davis, Morgan and Box Elder counties will attend.  We pay for all tickets. Our schools have abandoned the teaching and appreciation of music, and opera especially is a lost art.  School children from our area would not be exposed to opera if not for our program.  Ogden Opera Guild is the only guild that supports the Utah Opera.

The Ogden Opera Guild sponsors a one hour opera which is presented by Resident Artist of Utah Opera.  The Resident Artists engage actively with music students and the public at the completion of the program in a Q & A session.The Resident Artist tour the state presenting these shortened operas.  Printed materials are also distributed. This is the only one hour opera available to our area.

 Against the Grain Theatre (Toronto, ON)

Young Professional Volunteers
The matching grant will be used to grow and retain our volunteer base.  For recruitment, we plan to combine our volunteer appreciation events with volunteer recruitment events.  For example we are exploring a partnership with a local retailer to set up a private shopping event that can be used for both fundraising and volunteer prospecting.  We also believe that well-trained and well-informed volunteers are engaged volunteers.  We plan to invest more in training material and enhancements to our website to focus specifically on volunteers and volunteering.  Lastly, recognition is critical.  We are looking to create specific behind the scenes opportunities for volunteers to sit in on a rehearsal and interact with our artistic talent.

We plan to appeal to individuals who have not thought of attending opera. We have brought to our Board two individuals with track records of activating new sources of audiences, volunteers and donors.  Against the Grain is a young Toronto opera company  that has been growing steadily over the past 4 years with outstanding reviews.


Shreveport Opera

OPERATIZERS provide educational programming and outreach to children and youth in the Ark-La-Tex region. The program utilizes the power of the arts, opera and young professional singers.

Artisti Affamati (Chattanooga)

To address the changing face of the operagoer, the company brings opera out of the theaters and into unusual spaces to encourage new audiences to attend.  A MIGHTY CASEY,  written by William Schuman,  will be performed inside the historic Engel Stadium. The opera revolves around the baseball team from fictional Mudville and their star player, Casey.   Chorus, musicians, concessions, greeters, ushers, publicity staff and administrators will all be volunteers. Eighty volunteers will be involved in this production.

Peach State Opera (Lawrenceville GA)

Social Media Strategy and Implementation:  Employing a consultant to provide a plan for consistent communication which produces results.  The consultant will write and edit our newsletter and will train our volunteers to use the systems in order to make them sustainable.

Marble City Opera (Knoxville)

The BRAND NEW OPERA PROJECT is dedicated to producing fresh new works biennially.  One world premier and one southeastern premier by composer Larry Dellinger,  Amelia and Talk to Me Like the Rain.  The project will use local and emerging singers and musicians.  Approximately 15 volunteers will be used for the production.

Young Patronesses of the Opera  (Miami)

Approximately 25 YPO committee volunteers will be trained for the Opera Voice Competition, held every two years.  Additionally, 6 Jr. Opera Guild volunteer members who will assist in ushering.   Training will be done through a series of educational and training meetings starting summer 2014.  The committee is responsible for creating and reviewing applications and reviewing recent audiotapes from which the semi-finalists are selected.  They are also responsible for the judges.   Committee members assist in helping with accommodations and are available for any help the finalists need.


 Young Patronesses of the Opera (Miami)

In-School Opera Program

Lyric Opera of Chicago -Education Department

Community Lectures

Austin Lyric Opera Guild

Opera by Night

Capitol City Opera (Atlanta)


Performing Arts League(Chattanooga)

Performing Arts League Vocal Competition


Lyric Opera of Chicago Education Department

     Student Backstage Tours

Erwin H. Johnson Memorial Fund

     Opera Week

Portland Opera Guild (Oregon)

     Community Outreach Program

PORTopera Guild (Maine)

     Mme Butterfly–A Cultural Context



Shreveport Opera

Shreveport Opera Xpress (SOX)

Opera Tampa League

ON YOUR TWEET!  Social Media Training

Lyric Opera of Chicago Education Corps

Opera in the Classroom

St. Louis Opera Guild

Funding for Epson MovieMate 62 Projectors and Establishment of DVD Library

Skagit Opera Guild

Community Outreach and Audience Building

Opera Memphis Volunteer Group

Co OPERAtive Appreciation/Recruitment Program


Santa Fe Opera Guild

Volunteer Training To Support Student Produced Opera At Santa Fe Indian School

The Santa Fe Opera has brought its Student Produced Opera to schools throughout northern New Mexico for a number of years. With this project, initiated by The Santa Fe Opera Guild and supported by The Santa Fe Opera, Student Produced Opera will be offered to a group of middle school and high school students at The Indian School and incorporated into the school’s music curriculum.

It will be the Opera’s and the Guild’s first opportunity to work with Santa Fe’s 120 year old Indian School and, most important to us at The Santa Fe Opera Guild, our first opportunity to work as hands on volunteers in any school program. As such, the Guild’s first priority for the project will be to recruit and properly train volunteers for all the activities we’ve outlined.

A theatre artist and composer work with students to write a story, and then compose music to go along with the narrative.  Students build sets, gather props and assemble costumes. Then their opera is performed in a professional theatre in front of proud classmates, family, friends and community members.

Chattanooga  Symphony and Opera Guild

The Night Visitors and Amahl for the Homeless

The Chattanooga branch of the Interfaith Homeless Network (IHN) provides housing and counsel for homeless  families in the Chattanooga area.  Local churches assist by providing housing, food and personal assistance for these families for one week at a time.

The families are moved from church to church on Sunday afternoons. During the week, church members provide breakfasts, dinners, evening hosts to help with homework, entertainment and overnight hosts. During the day, the families are transported to a central location where the adults are counseled in job seeking and in other issues facing them. The children attend school.

These families are wrestling with many problems, and arts experiences are not a part of their day to day struggle.  Providing education about and the experience of attending a performance is a way to connect these families with an event out of their reach. The storyline will provide their case worker with an opportunity to make an opera relate to their daily lives.  It will certainly bring an awareness to them to know, in a very personal way, that opera is for everyone.

The CSO Guild proposes, with the grant monies, to provide a DVD of Amahl and the Night Visitors to each of the two churches that will host families in order for them to see a production to familiarize them with the story. In addition, docents will visit each of the churches on one evening of the week to discuss the story line as well as to help the visitors understand what opera is and how everyone can enjoy it. Docent materials will be developed by staff and guild members.

On the evening of the performance, the visitors will be greeted by Guild members. Case workers and guests will be invited to join the family members. They will also be treated to a back stage tour. Case workers will be provided with follow up materials to be used the following day when they meet with families. Each person attending will be asked to write a letter and describe how attending the event as well as how the story line affected family members.

Opera productions had to be suspended due to finances during the past year and The Night Visitors and Amahl production is 2010’s only opera for the year.

Ogden Opera Guild

Increase Youth And Other Volunteer Participation In Ogden Opera Guild Symposia

The purpose of this project is to extend the knowledge of and the appreciation of the art form of opera by extending the unparalleled opportunity to meet and hear performers in the field. The Symposia is organized and sponsored by OOG and is the only opportunity to see a brief live performance in Ogden.

With this grant from OVI, we will extend a special invitation to targeted groups. We would like to encourage the attendees to participate in various volunteer aspects of the evening so they feel a part of the proceedings and experience the satisfaction of giving back. We would like to train those attending a symposium to greet audience attendees, usher, assist in preparation of the venue, setup, clean up, etc.

We wish to concentrate on a very special inner city group known as Youth Impact. These young people are from 36 different schools in the Ogden area and are the victims of poverty, crime and gang violence. These children have been carefully screened regarding school attendance and motivation.

In addition to the performers, many of whom are principals in the upcoming performance in Salt Lake City, there is an informative talk by the artistic director and a commentary with piano accompaniment concerning the history and a synopsis of the featured opera. The singers are invited to give a brief introduction of their background and the process by which they became involved with opera.

Elgin Opera Guild

Elgin Lecture Corps

Elgin Opera Guild will to develop a Lecture Corps to instill the love of opera in under-served groups, specifically the elderly and school children. The educational tools/services will be in the form of lecture performances (at public and private locations accessible to the elderly) and school presentations with accompanying educational packets. Twenty volunteers will be involved.

We will market and promote this new program to draw in both existing Guild members and to attract new ones.  We will use professionals to develop packets and programs targeted towards audiences of different ages. We need to train new presenters in lecture and presentation skills for these new audiences.

Our reach has been limited by lack of funds and personnel to develop and implement such outreach programs. With the growth of Elgin Opera Guild, we are now poised to develop the personnel and programs for under served communities on a regular basis.


Houston Grand Opera Guild

Artist Hospitality Program

The Houston Grand Opera Guild sponsors 8 major volunteer opportunities that develop and train volunteers. At present, the Hospitality Program’s mission is to make the artist feel welcome and satisfy needs during his/her stay in Houston. The Houston Grand Opera has requested the Guild to expand the Hospitality Program to the HGO chorus and stage professionals. The Artist Hospitality project is needed to meet our goals of promoting active participants through service and events.

Projected expenses include printing, photographer, decorations, equipment/furniture rental, postage and entertainment. Training is part of the volunteer experience in this project. Seasoned volunteers conduct “on the job” training during the volunteering experience.

Project expenses are expected to be $4,925. Matching Revenue will come from the Spring Fund Raiser, Awards Brunch and dues.

Opera Illinois League

Opera Preview Program

Since our local opera company suspended operations, we have placed greater attention on enhancing other opportunities to enjoy opera in our community. We initiated free breakfast previews in conjunction with the Met Opera Broadcasts. These are prepared and presented by a League board member who teaches opera for continuing education at two local colleges. The previews increase the audience for these events by adding more interest and understanding, especially for newcomers to opera. They include visuals which are built into a PowerPoint slide show.

When our audience was small, we could allow people to view these visuals directly on the laptop computer screen. As our previews increase in popularity, we find we must either dispense with the visuals altogether or find a way to project them so they can be viewed by a large group. The cinemas presenting the Met operas do not offer such equipment, even for rent, and long term rental would be costly. We have identified increased interest in attending the Met operas when a multimedia preview is available.

In addition to the board member who prepares and presents the previews, we have a board member who assists with technical items, another who co-ordinates with theater management and two who assist with refreshments. These events are publicized in the newspaper and directly to League members.

We would like to purchase a Sony 3LCD Projector for this program. Cost expected is $999. We will match $500 if awarded this grant. Money to match came from a raffle.

Elgin Opera

Development of Elgin Opera Guild

Elgin Opera will use grant funds to pay for the development of an effective Elgin Opera Guild. We will pay, on a contract basis, a program coordinator to identify and solicit potential guild members, contact current guild members, write and distribute a professional newsletter, organize distinct events for current guild members and potential guild members, organize and hold educational events for the guild and potential members, and pay for marketing materials.  We anticipate that the program coordinator will work on this project from April through December 2009.

The program coordinator will develop methods to identify potential members and hold appropriate individual and group outreach meetings with them. The position is also responsible for writing and distributing a professional newsletter targeting potential and current members.The coordinator will hold sessions to train current guild members to go out and solicit new members. Expenses will include time, materials such as DVDs, posters, shirts and mugs, postage and a software application to publish the newsletter.

We would like to add 50 new members by the end of 2009. We believe the OVI grant would put us in a strong position to accomplish this goal. At this critical juncture in our development, we need this growth to survive and to continue to serve our community. A strong and active Opera Guild will serve to help us continue to realize our mission.

Cost to achieve this goal is approximately $8,000.  We will match the $2,000 grant with money received from ticket sales to events and membership.


Skagit Opera Guild

Support Skagit Opera

Description: Purchase projector and spare lamp. This will allow us to provide Spanish captioning at productions to attract more of the Hispanic community to our productions. This will enable us to meet one of our goals of reaching out to the Hispanic community.

Skagit Opera is home to one of the largest Hispanic communities in the state of Washington. The Skagit Opera has no support staff so responsibility for all of the administrative work involved in the operation rests with the Skagit Opera Guild.

Cost of the projector is $5,127.95, spare lamp $387.58. The projector will be located at McIntyre Hall where all the performances are held. Matching Grant money came from an anonymous donation. All monies from the OVI Matching Grant will be donated to Skagit Opera for the purchase of these items.


Chattanooga Symphony And Opera Guild

Ready, Set …Opera!

This unique program is an interactive introduction for elementary school children to opera. Students learn about how music tells a story, how voice types add to character development, how music can cue action, and about how music can spark our imagination. The arias were selected to complement the language arts, social studies and music curricula of the Hamilton County Schools. They highlight Tennessee culture, folk songs, the California Gold rush, and standard operatic repertoire through singing, dialogue and listening segments. Students will participate as scene partners, sound effects and even chorus, and will be staged into a famous operatic thunderstorm scene from Rossini’s opera, Cinderella. This 45-minute presentation is fully staged, has costumes and set, and is intended for classroom presentation to groups of about 50 children.

Cincinnati Opera Guild

Two Trips To Ripley

Cincinnati Opera has commissioned a new family opera, “Rise to Freedom: The John P. Parker Story,” which is based on the life of a former slave. Parker is celebrated as one of the leading local conductors of the Underground Railroad. Cincinnati Guild will organize two trips to Ripley, Ohio to undergo training to promote this work. CO Guild members will promote this new opera as a way to recruit new and diverse Guild members. This training will also include a moderated diversity discussion. All training attendees will receive a package that will consist of information about John P. Parker, promotional materials and a CD of the opera’s score. Check here. Attendance is expected to be 50 for each trip. The trips will include tours of the house of John P. Parker.

The Guild Of Tulsa Opera

‘The Young Puccini Society’

As a result of a special ad hoc committee to address the problem of declining membership, there were several recommendations, all of which have been approved by the Board of Directors. The largest project of these is to initiate and implement a new arm of the Guild which would be called “The Young Puccini Society”. To do this, three special events are planned.

  1. Kick off party in home of young couple.
  2. Backstage tour event for production of Carmen, followed by attendance at dress rehearsal.
  3. Celebration at local venue with entertainment by the young Tulsa Opera studio artists. Theme will be “Life after taxes.”

Several young professionals have agreed to help in the recruitment. Strong interest has been shown.

Goal: Attract young individuals, both male and female, raise awareness of arts among young professionals, establish solid young membership base.


The Central Pennsylvania Youth Opera – “Opera Ambassadors”

“Opera Ambassadors” program-training members of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Opera and adult CPYO volunteers as docents to present highlights of annual CPYO children’s production as part of CPYO’s educational outreach to schools.

CPYO proposes to bring student and adult docents into schools in Central Pennsylvania, including under served rural and inner-city schools, to present opera education outreach programs. An intrinsic part of CPYO’s mission is educational outreach to children, and by bringing this program to school children, we foster their musical awareness and arts awareness.

Opera Illinois League

Speakers’ Bureau

Opera Illinois League’s purpose is serving, educating and promoting opera in the Peoria area. To further their goal, they will match Opera Volunteers International funds and start up a Speakers’ Bureau. This program will train volunteers to develop and present short programs promoting opera to various community and school groups. They anticipate purchasing equipment and presenting training in the use of PowerPoint.