Taking Public Relations to the Next Step

The grant will support working with a Public Relations professional to tie all aspects of our organization together so that we are better able to communicate with the public who we are, what we do and how individuals can enjoy the experience of opera with us, and the many organizations we serve in our outreach efforts to the community. We promote opera in Western NY and Ontario, CA.


Muskoka Opera Festival Committee Marketing Workshop

Our plan is to hold a one day workshop for volunteers. We hope to include 5 expert speakers in different areas of marketing. We will recruit about 20 volunteers from our Committee. Our volunteers have little marketing experience and we would like to increase our skills for our upcoming 10th anniversary celebration.


Opera Maine Teens – Events and Activities

Our Teens program creates fun, opera-related activities designed to foster and support interest in opera. Our program has educational, social and performance events. The program is a member of the National Opera America Teen Council and conforms to their guidelines. We have 24 members and there is no fee to participate. We need support for our performance in the community. This will showcase the young vocal talent in our community. We also request funds for our Teens vocal master class, complimentary tickets to our main stage production. Several Teens will perform in the main stage production.


30 Days of Opera

30 Days of Opera is a month long event that introduces opera into everyday routines of Memphians, at restaurants, libraries, galleries, street corners, public parks, and community centers. We present over 70 free events in 50 locations reaching nearly 40,000 individuals, spanning virtually every neighborhood in Memphis each year. The volunteers are the heart of our success. We also, enlist help from several dozen local organizations.



This project is a collaboration between our organization and Children of Imprisoned Parents International. Our goal is to offer a 70 minute fully immersive musical experience for at risk communities in Northern Virginia. Our attendees will include members of Children of Imprisoned Parents International, Friends of the Guest House, Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington and Arm & Arm.  Grant money will be directed to recruitment of volunteers, advertising, outreach and off-setting ticket costs.


Cotillion 2018

Cotillion began in the 1960’s to teach social graces to sixth graders and is a fundraiser for the Opera Omaha Guild to support education and community engagement initiatives.  For six weeks over 300 students learn the art of dining, communicating, being a proper guest and ballroom dancing. The emphasis is to help students learn how to meet new people and how to get along with others. Students receive complimentary tickets to an Opera Omaha mainstage production. Support from OVI will provide scholarships for underserved students to participate,


Palm Beach Opera Guild Gets Technical

Funds would allow our Guild to transition to a donor management software, Bloomerang.  This will increase the Guild’s capacity to enhance efforts to recruit volunteers and donors through new technology formats. The addition of a web master will allow the Guild to maintain a current web presence that is modern and reach its target audience. By integrating a donor management software, the Guild can maintain safe and accurate donor and volunteer records.


Volunteer/Intern Recruitment & Training Program

The aim of the project is to develop a volunteer recruitment and training plan to support the necessary areas of focus identified in our strategic plan, which includes human resources as our top concern. We have increased our number of performances and venues and due to this increase we need to create, implement, and manage an effective trained core of volunteers.


YPO Teachers’ Workshop

Since 1988 we have produced a Teachers’ Workshop which trains over 200 music teachers from public, private and parochial schools on how to broaden a child’s horizon by exposing them to opera in the classroom. Attendees are taught to incorporate valuable lessons in history, theater, literature and critical writing and musical appreciation. Teachers earn continuing education credits through this Workshop. Our Young Artists perform and our Director of Outreach speaks about the operas performed.  YPO’s Opera Funtime books are given to attendees. We have approximately 30 YPO volunteers who facilitate this workshop.

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