The purpose of Opera Volunteer International’s Matching Grants program is to encourage the expansion and development of programs that recruit, develop, and train volunteers for service in their communities and for participation in all phases of opera company support.

Application Guidelines

Awards up to and including $2,000 are available to OVI member support groups, organizations, and opera companies which create and/or support such programs. Recipients must match each grant award with funds which may be held currently in the organization’s treasury or raised as new money.

Grant requests up to $2,000 may be made for more than one project. Recipients of awards may not receive subsequent awards for similar projects. Matching Grants will be made only to Opera Volunteers International members.

The wide range of programs that have been awarded OVI grants has used many different techniques to train docents and volunteers in assisting their opera companies in areas such as promotion, education, public relations, audience development, production, fundraising, and training.  Special consideration is given to programs directed toward and involving disadvantaged or under-served groups, multi-cultural communities, and/or those who have not been traditionally associated with opera.

Supporting Documents (must accompany application)


  • Include explanation of matching funds
  • Include projected costs for all aspects of the project
  • Do not include refreshment or transportation costs

Contact People

  • Group officers’ names, addresses, telephones, faxes and e-mail addresses

Financial Statements

  • Copy of applicant’s most recent audited financial statement or IRS Form 990


  • February 1


For more information:

Mary Earl, OVI Grants Director
6768 Big Ridge Road
Hixson, TN 37343

Phone: 423-842-3340

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