Opera Volunteers International is a nonprofit, volunteer-led service organization and the premier resource and advocate for the development and advancement of volunteerism in support of opera.  OVI is the primary umbrella organization for opera volunteers, opera volunteer groups, and opera organizations that use volunteers.  OVI expands the relevance, reach, and future of opera worldwide by connecting individual opera volunteers, opera volunteer groups, opera producing organizations, educational organizations, and others that support opera in their communities.

To do this, OVI:

  • Shares knowledge, resources, and wisdom about volunteerism to enhance the capability and potential of opera volunteers;
  • Awards matching grants to qualifying nonprofit organizations to encourage the expansion and development of programs that recruit, develop or train volunteers in all areas of opera support;
  • Recognizes outstanding opera volunteers and volunteer projects to promote value added by volunteers to opera and opera organizations;
  • Enables the formation, development and revitalization of opera volunteer groups, and promotes strong alliances with organizations and communities that use volunteers;
  • Facilitates networking between and among opera volunteers, opera volunteer groups, opera companies, educational organizations and others interested in opera;
  • Maintains relationships with other performing arts volunteer groups and with other opera-related organizations to leverage resources, promote value added by volunteers, and enhance the effectiveness of volunteers within these communities;
  • Plans and executes innovative fundraising activities to expand its financial base.