Opera Volunteers International is a nonprofit volunteer organization that advocates for and supports volunteerism in opera throughout North America and beyond.

OVI works to connect individuals and local opera support organizations so that successful ideas and projects are championed, publicized and shared among our members.  Through donations and fundraising, OVI has been able to offer matching grants to member groups for projects involving volunteers.  Non-monetary awards – Partners in Excellence and Projects of Special Merit – recognize outstanding contributions and efforts in support of opera.

In addition, OVI is an Official Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award, an initiative of the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation.

Opera Volunteers International began as Opera Guilds International in the early 1970’s, when a farsighted president of the Seattle Opera Guild found her guild struggling with growing pains. Her conversations and communications with other groups serving other opera companies made her realize the need for a way to share information and ideas.

Its many and varied programs and events have furthered its mission to stimulate interest and support of opera through volunteerism, and to connect support groups, individual volunteers, donors, company staff and everyone interested in supporting and expanding the future of opera.

OVI maintains close ties to OPERA America, partnering with them for joint conferences while maintaining its own not-for-profit, tax exempt status.

Social Media Policy Guidelines 

Opera Volunteers International uses our social media platforms to attract new members, increase participation in our events, and to support volunteers in opera by highlighting the activities of our individual members and member groups.  You can help by finding us some fun, active photos, videos, stories or announcements of volunteers in action.

Some things to consider about your posts and other social media comments:

Be nice. Please exercise good judgment, proofread, and reflect well on OVI.

Stay relevant. Topics such as volunteers in opera, other opera news, the importance of volunteering, advocacy for opera and related topics will encourage conversation.

Limit Links. We prefer news that we can share without sending our members off to another site (such as a call-to-action requesting donations for another organization.)

Respect copyrights and fair use. Make sure you have the right to use something before you publish. Photos with children under 18 years of age must only be used with permission a parent.   Photos should also have credits if the person who took the photos requests photo credit.

For more information, please email to:  memberservices@operavolunteers.org

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